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I made a 200.00 deposit and on the same day, I had an accident and needed to have those funds released. The bank mgr.

Jennifer Drisdom would not make and exception and I had to walk 10 miles and except a ride from a stranger all because this witch would not give me back my $100 so that I could get a tow truck to get my car to a garage.

These people use your money all year round but when you are in desparate need, they play god with your money. I was and still am so pissed at this *** and I believe that she did not give me her correct name.

You should have heard the way she treated me as I was practically begging for my money. I want to know what I can do from a legal stand point.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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The big guys will continue getting hundreds of millions at the little guy's expense. That's the way our system works and you can't beat the system. Thanks to the Web, we little guys can at least vent while the big guys are flying on their private jets and having tax deductible parties.

Oroshaza, Bekes, Hungary #19980

Well, you probably deposited a check from a private party, and if that was the case, the bank needed to make sure if the check bounced, funds would be in your account to cover it.

Branch managers are given the authority to make exceptions, but only after careful review of an account holder's history such as has the customer ever bounced a check, average balance in the account and other factors may have a bearing on granting an exception.

Banks are under no obligation to put themselves into a position where they may lose money. It's not "your money" until the check clears...which is usually 3 to 5 business days. Sorry, but that's just the way things are in the financial world.

While you may be "pissed", you can't really blame the bank or the manager for making that decision.

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