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Washington Mutual had the appeal at the beginning of free checking, this sounded great so I took what I thought was a generous opportunity. Here I am about two years later on Washington Mutual is a pretty common bank with branches in a lot of towns so it's easy for traveling and such, however their horrible customer service skills, screwy fees, and screwy system of how their online banking works overshadows the few good things about WaMu.

They do this thing on some occasions that scans their system, or something like that, however it screws up your balance on your account. You randomly miss chunks of money and they can't recall where it's been, but tell you to call back later and maybe the system will work itself out.

During Christmas time, when talking about money, let along missing large chunks of money, do I want a financial representative telling me that if I call back later, my missing chunk of money will be found. This is the 4th time in 14 days that I have been on the phone with WaMu talking to their service reps in India who don't speak English about my missing money or fee's that they have wrongly charged and don't refund as promply as they took out.

I am looking for a new bank, WaMu has lost a customer.

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Rockford, Ohio, United States #20505

Although I had four accounts that I accessed online, I paid some bills and did not notice that the program defaulted to a different account than the one I'd opened up to pay bills. So two insufficient funds/overdraft fees later, I paid the bills from the correct account.

However, although the two "failed" transactions from the insufficient funds account were not made, four days later Washington Mutual sent one out, again against insufficient funds, ignoring the fact that I'd paid the bill from another account, ignoring the fact that there was sufficient funds in the other three accounts, and ignoring the fact that I notified them that I'd mistakenly requested the original four payments from the wrong account. So now, another $33 overdraft fee, plus my account is $250 short because they paid it twice. I can't believe the incompetence, ignorance, and don't give a *** attitude that these clowns display. And their executives are giving themselves multi million dollar bonuses.

I opened up a new account with B of A. I say everyone in the country should just drop WaMu.

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #11986

send a message to FDIC web, this go to help!

Stony Brook, New York, United States #5696

I feel your pain my friend.

they have royally screwed me with their outrageous over-draft fees.

I've had it.


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