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washington muatal/chase bank is the dirtes banks there could be. in 2005 we got letters saying we had no insurance on our mobile home.

we sent certified regalur mail faxed them so did our insurance agent called them talked to over 15 to 20 people in different state. our insurance was paid in full for that year. we showed them that we we never late on taxes insurance od house payments in the five years we had the home. this went on and on til they told us are payment was late.

washington mutual had taken insurance out of our house payment and put it on there insurence. it was ten times as much as ours was. we fought back and forth for a long time. so we bought a real house and told them to stuff the trailer.

they sold it for 11000.00 it was worth more. we paid 40000.00 for it and had paid about 35000.00 on it. i emailed them and cerified mailed them. i was told by the ceos secertaty they would not take any thing from us again.

i have all the stuff i sent to them. we contacted governor att. general senators thiftsubvsion and other people no help at they got way sct free.

rkimble. thank you.

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roger kimble

so we all can not be perfect or think we are.i do have a high school degree and i am a disable vet. so before you comment on me take a real good look at your self.

thank you. rkimble.


Kindly make inquiries to ascertain whether or not you could possible go back to junior high and re-take English composition. I am unable to read your missive. Perhaps if you got your high school diploma it would be more readable.

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