Ii recently made a mistake on my in money account i went over .02 cents and they chrged me $33.00 2 weeks later my mistake .03 cents same thing $33.00 overdraft i talked to them and they would not help me at all i am on a fixed income ssdi i think its sad when tey dont care about consumers at all after all with out us they wold not ge there so for a measly .005 cents it cost me $66.00 out of my social security check whitch everone knows is not enough to live on any way.

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My complaint is that since they changed to chase my paycheck no longer goes in on the same day. I got hit with several hundred dollars of fees because of this.

Chase is the biggest problem I think because I didn't have this problem before the big buy out. I eventually just closed my account.


B.s. I still got charged even if I didnt have the overdraft protection. They are there to make money of of you some how!


You can easily request to never have over-draft fees again. Go into your local branch and tell them that you no longer wish to have 'Over-draft protection'. Down side is, if you have $10 in your account and you want to buy something for $10.01 you will be denied but the upside is you won't pay $35.00 dollars for it.

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