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Wamu offered me an option to select bi-monthly payments for automatic withdraw payments on a 4-unit apartment building I just bought and I made the payment for the following month and figured auto payment was set up, but they don't allow bi-monthly payments on rental property even though it was a selection on the paper work they gave me. So, I didn't pay the month after I sent in the paper work, I figured a month and three weeks was more than enough time for auto pay to be set up, but it wasn't.

They put my property to a forcloser agency right away. I paid the month that the auto payment didn't take affect and filled out the auto payment paper work again. I filled out the paperwork like the first time, because they said they never received the paper work on the first setup. The same thing happened again, that is when they told me that bi-monthly payments were not accepted.

They gave me two lates to the credit agencies and ruined my credit. I thought I was the customer to be catered to?? Wamu is the worse company I have ever dealt with, there should be a class action law suit against them for bad business practices. Wamu puts you on hold for 10 to 45 minutes, dropped calls all the time when they transfer you to another department that knows nothing and not working with the customer to lower interest rates, they are more interested in forclosures then helping anyone.

Wamu is the worse company by far I have ever worked with.

Please stay away from Washington Mutual at all cost.

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I have been dealing with WAMU since April 2007 to help me modify the 2 loans I have with them. I lost my high paying job since the national title company closed their operation.

Since the beginning I have been told to fill out miles of paperwork and either fax or mail them in since I did qualify. In every case I was denied and was tricked by WAMU to make more payments. In 2008 and 2009 several of their employees told me that I had to be late for at least 2 months in order to get the mod approved. So I did that and was told to fax in another set of paperwork which I did and was denied about 30 days later because we earn too much money!!

So recently I get a letter offering me a great deal to refi my loans with no costs or qualifying! This came from Chase ~ After getting our hopes up, the Chase loan rep told me that since we had 2 mortgage late pays that we do not qualify. SO NOW MY CREDIT IS SCREWED THANKS TO WAMU/CHASE!

My family home that we love so much is now in question with having 2 adjustable mortgages with the worst bank on the globe. I hope someone reads this and together we can launch a class action law suit against WAMU/CHASE for their illegal business practices

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