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I recently received notice that I exceeded the 6 transaction limit for transfers to and from my online savings. This triggered a $10 fee.

I called to see if they would waive the fee. WAMU advertises they will waive one overdraft fee per year.

NO, they won't waive an excess activity fee. What a misleading policy. I had no idea there was a limit of 6 transfers per statement period.

I plan to file a complaint with the Washington Attorney General as well. Seems like misleading and deceptive to me.

I can limit the number of transfers each month, but feel I need to have known of the policy first.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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everbody who says "be responsible"..."watch your balance" are missing the point. YES fees are going to happen, BUT they should not just go unchecked.

Just because someone bounces a check, does not mean the bank can charge WHATEVER amount they want...thats MY point.

People WILL make mistakes, we are humans, banks KNOW simply a matter of how much gouging we allow before we say enough.... (Imagine the day when you bounce a check and the bank gets your car :) )


WaMu is full of ***. They advertise as this bank "for the people", and charge up the ying yang when someone makes a mistake. The guy who started this blog wasn't talking about overdraft charges, do you people know how to read?

BUT, I have to say that a $33 fee for overdrafting $0.23 an hour before your paycheck is deposited into your account is a little ridiculous.


Some of the people who commented on my posting must be very poor at English comprehension. My comment had nothing to do with overspending or overdraft fees!

I don't fault WAMU for following the Federal rules; however, then they should not be allowed to advertise one free fee waiver per year.

Guess what, WAMU did finally waive the $10 fee, AFTER I complained to the Attorney General. So nanananana to all of you that disagreed with me. Eat ship.


First off I'd like to state alot of you whiners need to learn how to control your cash flow. of course wamu wont waive your fees that you spend on *** ***.

get real. spend the money you have and not what you think you can get away with. noone cares that you cant eat for that week.

thats why you shouldve gone out on that shopping spree you dumb ***. :grin

Wyszkow, Mazowieckie, Poland #15721

I find these kinds of blogs funny. They are also interesting studies into the human ability to blame one's faults on others.

All you complainers need to start taking responsibility for your actions.

Want to complain to the government? Fine, WaMu was just following THEIR regulations. By law, banks MUST limit the number of withdrawals from savings accounts. If you find that you need to do more withdrawals per month, then what you need is a checking, not savings account.

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #11989

file a complaint with the FDIC web site,,,,,,,you will se the results

Michigan Center, Michigan, United States #10232

Excessive Activity is a Federal Regulation, which all banks need to abide by. This is not exclusively Washington Mutual

Warrenville, South Carolina, United States #8806

Or you can not overdraft your account and try and be responsible.


Brookings, Oregon, United States #7814

One should never call the 800 number when trying to deal with WAMU. Always go to the branch and deal with people you know. Most often than not, fees will be credited to your account.

HOWEVER, be advised that WAMUs' IT is so messed up and compartmentalized that it is impossible for one department to talk to another within the system about your accounts. I was receiving calls from collections on a Line of Credit yearly fee when in fact that fee is waived on my account. It took two and a half weeks of someone from India calling me every day to finally speak to a supervisor who went into 'another part of the system' and found all of the pertinent information and then removed my number from the dialer.

It also took nine months to get the 20.00 monthly fee removed from the acocunt. The branch manager actually had to call someone, then send an email.

The person in charge of WAMU IT should be arrested and tried for numerous domain violations.

Keene, New Hampshire, United States #7628

I've been with WaMu for over 4yrs and I overdafted 2 -3 times, they did not waive the fees but at the end of one yr cycle they put back 30 dollars into my checking account for the overdrafts that I have concurred over the year. I was a little pissed off at first but at the end of the yearly cycle I was happy to have 30 dollars on my checking account that I was not even expecting.

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