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I transferred a credit card bal from another bank to WAMU; and the offer was a specific fixed % until the balance pay off. After 3 years, they decided to raised the APR on the account and didn't honor the initial balance transfer offer which atracted me as a customer in the first place.

I closed the account; but they didn't want to honor the aggreement and left me with a 20+% on the account! Don't accept offers from WAMU; they will increase your APR whenever they feel like it without honoring the agreement.... They don't care about loyal customers which always pay ahead of time, more than the minimum required amount and so on; they seems to abuse the excellent customer with unfair and illegal cahrges and APR increases and don't care about your satisfaction as a customer.

It's time to put a stop to the nonsense for which customers are always paying more than what agreed!!

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