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I am /was a WAMU client turned victim for the last two months but no longer.

I am on a fixed income and did not go crazy with my card but WAMU says I owe them 400 dollars in overcharges for misc items.

Since I love my freedom and I am not a postal woker than my only recourse is to help others.

Look in the Large Print issue of Readers Digest My 2008 issue and look up page 111.

You will find some (hopefully) solutions to your WAMU troubles.

I am a community organizer(new) and am going to slay the gian with complaints and tactics from this article.

So good look to you all and don't give up untill your last breath is gone.


Keith Wayne Kemp

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Them mo fo are sorry as *** I ve been out of work since march the do want to help any one the just want there money

Angels Camp, California, United States #13242

The help line should be called helpless line. They do nothing for their customers.

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