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WAMU is now penalizing business customers that make a deposit of more than $5k in one day. I deposited more than $22k into an account and was told I could only access $100.03 until April 25 when they would kindly let me access another $4,900, but I would have to wait to get the full amount until May 8, two weeks after the initial deposit.

In today's electronic banking era, how can WAMU justify holding my money for more than 2 weeks?

WAMU use to be a consumer friendly bank, but in the last year we have seen dramatic changes. They are starting to assess fees and penalize customers for holding money at their bank.

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I thought that WAMU was financilly solvent and that "the to bigs" looted it to shore up their pants when they gambled and and "lost" in the derivatives scam.

Am I correct or is this an oversimplification?

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1. Written by Joe, on 01-05-2008 17:40

Washington Mutual is HOLDING MY MONEY HOSTAGE!!

I got upset at a manager because he was rude to me--when I complained to him that the teller was rude.

I walked out of the bank.

They closed my account and are holding my money HOSTAGE until May 10th!!

That is almost two weeks that I cannot touch MY PROPERTY!!

I called the ACLU FTC and BBB and FDIC, the City and State Attorney.

NBC news.

Let's see what happens...

Oh, by the way the 800 number is INCREDIBLY rude!!

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