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I would like to complain about Wamu's free checking account. They say that they want to change the way people bank without the fees other banks charge. If they really want to change the way people bank, they shouldn't charge someone $35.00 for an overdraft for only a couple of dollars.

Customer service at other banks would feel sympathy for someone who was over $2.00 in their account and waive the overdraft fee, but not WAMU. Not only that, but there isn't a WAMU within 100 or 200 miles away from where I was and they still couldn't reverse the charge. My direct deposit went in a day late and still no sympathy. They said that I used the one "courtesy" ETF reversal, but the charge was for only $1.00.

I can see if I used over $5.00 and other banks give me that, but not WAMU. I feel that they are using false advertising in their commercials about changing the way they conduct business vs. other banks, but I feel that WAMU has ripped me off for only $2.00. I asked to close my account and they wouldn't do it neither.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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