Del Mar, California
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I wanted to get copies of my past statements to verify some transfers and withdraws made for 2005-2006 I don't keep my statements but this time I need it them the guy that I talked asked if I wanted to get them via mail I said sure and all he said I would get them in the mail next week ending the call at that time....4 days latter I saw 60.00 fee for the copies apparantly there is in some very fine print somewhere in the WAMU consumer aggrement that there is a fee to this I am sure there is...The question is why wasn't I told over the phone the amount or the fact that there was such a big fee to it..I would of never agreed to this and just reading some of the other headlines here they do this on purpose to just get more money out of you ...DON"T ever go to WAMU...fees customer service it's horrible ...they get you where they can and everytime they get a chance....

Monetary Loss: $60.

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