I opened an account with WAMU in August. Right away I started noticing WEEKLY overdraft fees, and many of them have been from CASH ATM withdrawals on my DEBIT CARD!!! How can the ATM give you money that isn't there? It can't! The money WAS there, but then WAMU took all the charges and put them in the acccount BEFORE adding the credits of my daily direct deposits from work.

I check my balance every morning. It showed the direct deposits had been applied. No charges yet. So I went shopping. Spent 20 here, 40 there... adding up to less than 100 dollars. I get home, and lo and behold, my account shows the purchases FIRST, then the deposit had been MOVED up, as if I had spent the money before getting the deposit. There is NO WAY I could have, because the card would have declined if the funds weren't there. Tried explaining that to a rep, along with the concept of HOW the ATM could give me 400 bucks if it's not there, he said, "Well we aren't going to take the fees off, and I have nothing more to tell you. Have a nice day" and hung up!!!

I am getting out of this disgusting ripoff bank asap. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT bank with them!!! I will take a greedy white guy in a suit over that wimp that sells wamu on tv anyday after this nightmare.

Don't believe the commercials. Free checking? BULL!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I am paid by DD. Wamu shows the deposit in my regular balance, NOT the running balance. It shows as cleared so I used bill pay. Now I have 9 overdrafts when I had thousands in the bank, even after the bills had been paid.

Wamu essentially took back the deposit 24 hours after the fact, applied the debits, and reapplied the deposit.

The original poster was right. This isn't a mistake by Wamu. If the computers they use see the opportunity to re-post the deposit late to make OD fees, they'll do just that.

To think I left BofA for these asshats. I'm going back to BA, even if the branches are miles farther away.

Homer, Michigan, United States #6289

If you did in fact look at your acct online in the AM and you saw your direct deposit then it was probably in a "memo" status which means it is going to clear that night. Direct deposits can be recalled in the first 24 hrs so most banks will not give immediate credit for it. Did you read your disclosures when you opened the acct???

Michigan Center, Michigan, United States #6176

Look *** when you open an account at some banks they will give you overdraft limits which you would have seen if you actually look on your statement as well as in the account disclosures. However you know yourself that you didn't have the money if you would learn how to do simple math. Have a great day ***

Lake Placid, New York, United States #5458

I went into the local office and asked to turn this feature off. They made me get an ATM only card to do this.

4 months later I was chanrged $280 in fee's for using the ATM only card. When I went in to get it fixed I was told I did not come in and turn it off. They also could not print out anything saying it was turned off.

After arguing with manager they closed my account and kept the $280. Nice customer service!!

Michigan Center, Michigan, United States #5062

Hmm. Have you stopped to think that YOU are overdrafting your OWN account so it is YOUR fault? :eek

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