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How Wamu Bank Took $100 from Me.

I have just learned something today that we should not trust all banks with our money. I went to cash a check on the Washington Mutual Maitland Financial Center on March 24, 2008 around 2:30 in the afternoon. It all seemed normal; the cashier was fast in making the transaction. She gave the money and I counted it and the amount was correct. After that I went directly to my bank, Wachovia, to make a deposit using the same bills I had just received from Wamu.

After I gave the deposit money and slip to one of the Wachovia’s cahiers it took a little longer than normal. She came back informing me that she could not accept one of the $100 bills that I had just received from Washington Mutual because even though it was real it looked washed.

I went back to Washington Mutual (Maitland Financial Center) and told the same teller who had given me the weird looking $100 bill that my bank had not accepted it and I wanted her to exchange it, please. She said ok, but before she did anything she had to explain the situation to her manager Rosa.

The teller went back to her post and Mrs. Rosa approached me saying that they could not exchange the bill and it was my entire fault, I was solely responsible for the situation. She claimed that: I should have not only counted the money, but also checked all the bills one by one to make sure they were good and real. This commentary took my breath away, after 15 years banking I had never heard that banks can pass fake or expired bills. I always thought that a legitimate bank institution main purpose was to care for money.

Mrs. Rosa preceded saying that I was probably lying and I did not get that bill from that branch because her tellers would not have accepted it, but at the same time she exclaimed that there was a possibility of human error. Mrs. Rosa stated it was an unfortunate event; a lack of luck of my part. What kind of response is that? She also continuously uttered that costumers should always make sure that all the bills they get from Washington Mutual are real and good for use. It was unbelievable!

To the people from WAMU I ask: Please, put a sign right in front of your tellers saying: Please check bill by bill before you leave our building because we might have given you bad money and we will not accepted it back, it is you loss.

Have a great day

Washington Mutual Maitland Financial Center.

To Wamu costumers and people that bank with them beware, next time you get money from Washington Mutual check bill by bill against the light, the texture and I even recommend using the money pen, so you do not have to go through what I did. I know it is only $100, but if it had happened at a gas station, grocery store or restaurant would have been different. The fact that it happened at a popular bank like Washington Mutual made it absurd.

Good luck everyone

Priscila P

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Had a similar incident. When i told them i would like to close my accounts and they could just give me a $710,000 cashier check, they replaced the bill.

Canal Fulton, Ohio, United States #6881

whoa ,this is unbelievable!

Wamu is my bank!And if that happens to me I will feel in the some way-really pissed!I really like your advice for Wamu to put the sign in front of tellers saying: Please check bill by bill before you leave our building because we might have given you bad money and we will not accepted it back, it is you loss.

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