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Washington Mutual Bank credit cards were just taken over by Chase Bank NY. These people just raised my interest rate on my card from 19.9% to 29.9% for no reason.

They would not give me an answer when I called them why the did it.

I always pay on time, never missed a payment, always pay more than required, and they won't tell me why they raised the rates. Consumers beware these people are a rip-off, always check your credit card statements very carefully each month so these crooks that run these banks wont rip you off.

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I agree, I always had fast, professional and courteous service with Wells Fargo.

I had extremely bad service with WAMU for almost a year now, but have nothing against Chase. Chase should be ashamed for acquiring such a bad company.

Stay away from WAMU/Chase!

Great Neck Gardens, New York, United States #50746

:( these people are very bad, I'm going back to wells fargo. :p

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