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On Aug 25, 2008, I took a check, written on a Washington Mutual account to a Washington Mutual branch (the Redmond Financial Center branch, Redmond, Washington). Since I did not have a Washington Mutual account, they would not chash the check unless I agreed to pay a $5 fee.

I asked for further explanation and was told that I could either pay the $5 fee or take the check to my own bank. Since I did not have time to get to my bank and make it to where I needed the cash, I had no choice but to pay the fee. I did iform them that this fee would ensure that they would never have me as a customer.

They were fine with that. The only joy I got was standing in thier lobby , calling my wife on my cell phone and proclaiming loudly to her, "Would you believe Washington Mutual charged me $5 to cash a Washington Mutual check?"

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Accept cash only and say the *** with banks.


I still don't understand why the American population feels so entitled. WaMu is a business not a charity.

If you are not one of their customers, then expect to pay for their services. If you have a problem take the check to your own bank.


We need to revolt!!!!

Humarock, Massachusetts, United States #40761

I do not work for WaMu thankfully but agree with them. Even if the check they are cashing is their own, you are not a client of theirs, so technically they do not have to cash the check but offer you the option by charging you. It is also another way of getting you to become a client of theirs.


I normally bank with my credit union but have a Wamu account. I don't agree with all these "nickel and dime" fee banks are charging.

Vote with your money and don't ever bank with them again. Their greed led to their failure.


Can someone tell the world what the fee is for? It seems that if you want to cash a check a person gives to you, the safest place to do it and to make sure the check is good it to go to the bank where the check is drawn on.

..What is the logic here?

..If the fee is for a valid reason, then I have no problem paying it, but I am having a hard time understanding it.

...Please explain this to this 40 year banking executive......


Bank of America and Wells Fargo both do this. Its a banking standard now.

Madiun, Jawa Timur, Indonesia #30844

This is a very common banking fee. Many banks charge non-customers to cash a check -- even when it is from one of their accounts.

San Rafael, California, United States #30555

Bank of America charges non Bank of America customers a $ 5.00 fee to cash a check drawn on a Bank of America Account

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