I have wamu credit card and each month i paid balance full. This last billing cycle i have over $1000 purchased on the account and i made 2 payments within same billing cycle and paid the amount in full; when i received my statement for this month it shows that my account has a balance so i inquire about it and they couldn't give me clear explaination for the finance charges on there; they was 2 diff. charges on there for purchases-current cycle and purchases-previous cycle. i never seen any credit card that has 2 purchase cycle. and for something that was already paid full finance charge should not accrue since it was paid within the same billing cycle.


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Kattenstroth, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #50563

They raised my rates from 19.9% to 29.9% for no reason, i'm never late and always pay more than the required min. payment, they are nothing but a rip-off.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #40131

washington mutual credit card raised my interest rate from 9.99 to 23.99% for no reasons at all i pay online for this reason. They somehow post it late and then the due date also changes each crooked fee is $39.00 each and they will not take them off .. I have not been able to buy my medicine some months so i can pay them they are not a bank but a bunch of dirty, greedy pigs and they don't give a *** the same way that smelly Fishman and the other greedy guy Mister Green until they make it right with the way they treated the customers i hope they all loose their hard earned 30 million dollars for 3 weeks of nothing but bull ***.

Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, United States #19269

Indian employee of washington mutual cards - Mayura Asthana - is a *** offering to *** for fun before and after fun. She has already done that at her teenage level and wonder how the company has recruited such people without a background check. Such professionals are subjected to even luring customers to sex and then blackmail them over a ransom or for more satisfying fun with other women.It is disgusting and demeaning for the company and they better look into such issues before it becomes a sex zone instead of a public office

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