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I always pay my WM credit card payment online on or around the 1st of each month (it is due on the 10-12th) and always pay more than the minimum payment. This month, I inadvertently forgot to pay and realized on the 11th that my payment had not been made. I immediately called them (WM) and made an express payment by phone. The charge for doing this was $14.95. I nicely requested a one-time courtesy waive of the late fee explaining that I had never been late. I suppose I was thinking my effort to rectify this mistake immediately (by paying the $14.95 for express) would show them it was an honest oversight.

I was told to call back in a day to allow time for the payment to post. When I called back, I was denied the waive of the late fee. What a ripoff. They were glad to take my $14.95 for an express payment, however, could not extend the courtesy of waiving my late fee.

I would have been better off just to pay online a day late with no "express" payment fee.

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I bet next time you remember to make your payment on time.

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