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My wife had a credit card account with Chase/Washington Mutual. She used it to purchase all merchandise for our home business. She set up monthly payment thru her checking account to pay every month. Then one day, my wife decided to pay more to reduce the balance faster. She logged on her bank account and modified the current payment plan to pay twice a month with same amount (she used to pay $500/month, with the revised plan, it would pay her credit card 2x$500/month). She didn't notice that by doing so, she was cancelling the then current payment plan and at the same time setting up a new payment plan. She also didn't notice that the revised payment plan automatically picked up a new delivery date that was a few days after the actual due date on her credit card.

She thought everything was fine until about a week after the normal due date of her credit card, she checked the balance and was surprised to see that Washington Mutual charged her $200.00 for finance charge and $29 for late fee. She called Chase/Washington Mutual immediately and pledged them to remove the charges since she didn't intend to skip payment and exlained it was just an honest mistake. She also explained the steps she took to changed the payment plan, explained the helfty finance and late charge would take a big part out of our monthly income as we had to feed our three young children, she explained it was the first time she actually missed a payment, and again, it was just a honest mistake.

Despite my wife's sincere apologies and plegdes, the account rep's reply was consistently "No, No, and No". Realized that we were actually dealing with a company who had no sympathy, no understanding, no flexibility, and no humanity but was full of greed and accusation, we decided to close the account with them, I ended up using my reserved fund for house payment to pay Washington Mutual to avoid charges.

I don't know how much more money Chase/Washington Mutual executives make after sucking in our hard earned money, but I can be sure that we are done with them. We are telling this story to everyone we know.

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