i made a depsoit through an atm machine i spoke to a rep said my deposit would go through before my payment they returned my payment and charged me $33. When I called back to ask why there was a charge the manager there told me there was nothing he could do about my fees.

They transferred me 3 different times and every time i spoke to a rep they gave me different answers. they finally let me know there was nothing they could do. i am sure there are more people out there who this has happened too.

wamu is a really bad bank and i have no desire to keep my account with them.

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Glidden, Iowa, United States #14060

I can understand why you'd be pissed off...but it's typical of every bank atm to place a 2 business day hold on deposits they will however make at least 100 dollars available to you as a courtesy. if you think about it...the atm doesn't know what's being deposited..it just goes by the dollar amount you enter in.

anyway, it's probably best to come into the branch u made the deposit at and talk to someone in person to have a fee reversed as a courtesy....but it's also typical of banks to reverse their fee if it was THEIR bank error.... good luck.

Melissa, Texas, United States #11441

I wonder why this category is labeled "auctions," hmmmm...

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