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I deposited 500 dollars CASH into my checking account on a Friday evening. Saturday I checked my bank account and was surprised to see that the funds we not avaiable, because ususally it is, and when its not, it just says "Pending" and will usually clear by Monday.

However, this time is says "Temporary Hold" As I needed to pay bills, I called WaMu and asked when the funds would be there. The man I spoke with on the phone, I could not get his name because his english was very bad told me the money would be there Monday. Monday comes and I check my bank account, there is still a hold on it. I called Wamu again and spoke with "Chon" who again did not speak good english.

He informed me that I was misinformed and it would not clear until tomorrow. I asked to speak to a supervisor and waited 10 min before speaking to a woman, who again could not answer why there was still a hold. She told me they could hold my money for 11 days. I asked her why her employee lied to me about it being there Monday.

She told me it wasn't a lie and that the funds would clear today... as in this evening. I told her that, that meant the funds would not be cleared until Tuesday and she told me "thats your opinion". I asked her to explain why that wasn't a lie and she kept repeating "that's your opinion." Finally, she says " well, when you deposit money, the ATM tells you how long it holds it for" I informed her that it does not and she says it prints out on your receipt.

Again I told her it does not and that it says "funds might not be avaiable right away". At that point she yelled at me that I was wrong and I was shaking so bad, I hung up on her. This evening, I checked my bank account and the funds have not cleared. I called back and the women on the phone told me it would clear by tomorrow 6am.

Lets see what happens...

all I know is I'm closing my account and will not do business with them liars again.

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I deposited $29,300 with WAMU last week. I expected the normal hold.

Instead I couldnt access any of the money in my account that surpassed $31,000. I tried for a week to transfer small amounts of funds but kept getting an error on-line. So I decided to call and they claimed there was suddenly a $30,000 charge-off and that my account was slated for closure. They couldnt explain where the "Charge-off" came from or any of the details.

They simply put an impersonal hold on all my money and slated the account for closure. How convenient given the recent deposite. Good thing I could still cancel the check I deposited and as a customer . .


I will just take my money and business elsewhere. Hope its worth it Chase!


The sign on door should not say "free" checking,,nothing is free except grief with WAMU, moreover the sign should read "Abandon All Hope,&Funds Ye who enter here...!!" :sigh I have completely given up faith on banking in general..I ll take to losing & securing my own money in the future..

St. John's, Saint John, Antigua And Barbuda #30350

To Jeff - Your comments show a limited of knowledge of the banking system.. I.e.

FDIC insured US banks transfer funds overnight. If funds are not good, you'll know it in a day. The money has transferred. It's safely in their pocket - you just can't use it.

WaMu is one of a few large banks that use this technique. I no longer transfer mature CD's to WaMu.

Michigan Center, Michigan, United States #20140

Are you all retarded? If a bank doesn't hold checks and just makes the money available to you right away, do you know how much fraud would occur?

Banks lose hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars each year because of fraud. You shuold know by now that checks will be held.

If you have a good relationship with the employees of the bank, (instead of acting like ***), they might decrease the hold amount or take it off all together. It's a safety precaution dummies...get over it.

Bizerte, Bizerte, Tunisia #20114

WAMU has gone downhill over the past year. I just deposited a check for $225.

I deposit this check MONTHLY. Suddenly they are holding the funds?!?! On a 225 check?!?!

Thats so Micky Mouse. I'm going to start banking 100% with my credit union.

Vonore, Tennessee, United States #15589

Last week, I deposited 5000 into my Wamu checking account to pay off a wamu credit card. I wrote a check to pay my wamu credit card in the amount of roughly 4000.

They did not cleared the money for 1 week. Not knowing that the money is on hold for 1 week, i went ahead and wrote a check to pay the credit card. they didn't pay the credit card and charged me both a nonsufficient fee charge ($33) and a returned check charge ($39).

they have since returned the nonsufficient fee but they refused to return the returned check fee and i told them i will close both the credit card account and the checking account if i don't get a full refund. Let see what they are going to do.

Burtonsville, Maryland, United States #15476

It's called Regulation CC. Regulation CC regulates the amount of time a bank can hold deposited funds before making them available for withdrawal by a customer and for payment of checks or other transaction.

So, if you suddenly deposit a check larger than normal, a high risk of default check (credit card advance), or frequently overdraw your account that hold is completely normal and within the banks right.

Thank god for stupidity though with it banks would never earn fee income. Thanks for your continued fee donations.

Bruyeres-Le-Chatel, Ile-De-France, France #15457

Hah! WAMU put an 11-day hold on a cash advance check from my Chase Mastercard.

The check was verified by Chase security and posted to my credit card account and I am still waiting for WAMU to release the funds! So now I have a credit card bill AND the money is sitting in my checking account on hold.

Beat that for stupidity!

Brest, Brestskaya Voblasts', Belarus #13285

i deposited a check on saturday for 4,760 and they told me it would cleared wednesday may21st then i check my balace it wasnt cleared then i called the 800 they said it wouldnt being cleared until may27th that is crazy

Washington Island, Wisconsin, United States #11832

I'm closing my account with them today because of their claim that my account was "compromised". I am always safe and I know this could never be true. Checking how poorly wamu has been doing recently in terms of financially as a business, I came up with my own theory that:

they are closing peoples accounts, having them open new ones, and slamming them with overdraft charges!

I have never had an overdraft charge up until they renegotiated my account and that is enough for me to leave them.

Lake Delton, Wisconsin, United States #11650

I was just wondering that same question about why they hold your money. I looked on the back of my receipt and turns out it does tell you that it wont be available.

its still *** tho. i would close my account but its the only place i know of that doesnt charge for an account.

Galax, Virginia, United States #10511

Washington Mutual is HOLDING MY MONEY HOSTAGE!!

I got upset at a manager because he was rude to me--when I complained to him that the teller was rude.

I walked out of the bank.

They closed my account and are holding my money HOSTAGE until May 10th!!

That is almost two weeks that I cannot touch MY PROPERTY!!

I called the ACLU FTC and BBB and FDIC, the City and State Attorney.

NBC news.

Let's see what happens...

Oh, by the way the 800 number is INCREDIBLY rude!!

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