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I have more then just one complaint for this company. So let's start on day one... I opened my checking and savings account with about $3000 in cash. So all the girl needed to do was DEPOSIT. But instead the bank teller decided to TRANSFER an extra $1000 from someone else's account into mine at the same time. So as the days went on I paid bills and went shopping and and kept tracking the numbers in my little check book. Also, the savings account was pulling money out of the checking every month just like it was supposed to. All of a sudden two months later washington mutual withdrawls $1000 from my savings account which was supposed to only have about $150 in it. The only thing the transaction history said was " amount owed to WaMu." huh? so I called and told them what happened. the man said he would look into it and call me back. (i never heard from him again) BUT they made sure to pull the $1000 from the correct checking. so i was exactly -$850 in my savings and -$500 in my checking. i called and they told me that even though it was a bank error i did spend the money and had to pay it back. they closed both my accounts and i had to pay $850 then they returned the extra $1000 that they took from my checking. THEY NEVER RETURNED THE OVERDRAFT CHARGES! and now I just learned they sent my "claim" to a business who puts your name on a list that pretty much lets every bank know you can't open an account...for 10 years!

Luckily I already had another account opened. It was a washington mutual account but it was the only one i could use. recently some of their policies have changed. My hair dresser of three years accidently charged my card twice. so instead of $250 being taken out she charged $500 and overdrew my account. i called her to let her know and she said she would put it back no problem. then i called wamu to tell them that she would fix it and they could reverse the overdraft charges. they informed me, once more, that it was not a bank error and that they would not reverse the overdraft charge. I'm sorry but that means i have to pay for something that is definately not my fault. they told me to call the merchant and have them pay the fee. so now i have to call my sweet hairdresser who made an honest mistake and tell her to, practically, give me back the tip I gave her that day. unbelievable! thank god my hairdresser uses a credit card company and it was their fault so they are going to pay for it. but still. Washington mutual just got $30 for free...something is wrong here. If the mistake had not happened they would never have taken out that $30. and it didn't mess up there was mine so I should get the extra $30 if anyone.

the point is washington mutual will find any way to STEAL money from you! DO NOT BANK WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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