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We moved from California to Tennessee in January. WE had been Wamu cusomters for over a year.

Since there were no Wamu's in Tennessee and we didn't wish to change banks at this time, we did bank by mail. We started sending tha payment USPS Priority mail because it was taking Wamu Bank by mail in Florida 10 days to post the credit to our accout. On July third my daughter called the bank to see if her most recent depost had cleared to find out that we ere over drawn by almost $700.00. We freaked neither of us had written any checks, used our ATM's or done anything which should over draw us.

We contacted the bank immediately to find out that two payments to her Wamu credit card were made on July first one for $650.00 and another one for $21.00. She immediately told them that she had not made any payments by phone and that she never authorized any payments in those amounts to be paid to her credit cards. That she would not make payments overdrafteing our account, as we do not do that and they could tell by our history that we ALWAYS pay online. After going through 7 people to get to a manger, we were asked if any of our cards ened in 6917?

We told them no! They check both our debit cards and our Wamu credit cards and saw that they didn't. We were told to hang on while she called credit card services and told them and sent an e-mail letter to get it corrected. The next thing that happened was that credit card services was on the phone, we had been transferred.

We were told that all we could do was file a fraud report and that it would take 10-90 days for the investigation to complete, goodbye and have a nice day. Furious my daughter asked to speak to a manager, he said have a good day good bye, using not nice words she told him that he better put a manger on the phone immediately. Mollie told her what had happened and what the manager of checking services had told her. They told us that they had a policy of how they were to do things and that they could not correct it or move anything a long any further until they did a full investigation.

I have filed complaints to the Department of

Consumer Affairs who posted the complaint on their website, and began to call our branch in California and then Corporate offices in Washington State. IT took two days for a manager from credit card fraud services to call us back and tell us so far all they could tell was that the payment was done through the automated system. I told her that we never use the automated system because I did not trust it, and that in no way did my daughter make those payments over drafting us and that they took all of our money and charged fees and it was not our doing and we wanted it corrected. We were told that human errors sometime occur and that who ever was making the credit card payment to thier card probably accidentally keyed in the wrong bank account number and since Mollie's card was linked to the account it went there.

I can understand that happening once but two payments were made that day during the time my daughter was at work in the Appalachian mountains building log homes in an area that has no cell phone service and she was painting in a basement with witnesses. They have yet to figure it out and it has been over a week. It took a week to get it to a manger after we called over and over sometime two to three times a day. In the meantime they have not corrected our account, reversed the payment or done anything to rectify this situation.

WE are truly upset and the despair this has caused us and the mental anguish has been unbearable since I just had a heart attack three weeks ago. They have tied up all of our funds. We always payed our bills online and can not do that, and have had to borrow money to survive. We can not close our account or cancel our card until this is rectified.

Now we are incurring costs of money orders so that we can send our payments owed off with borrowed money and have to pay postage on top of it and all of this when we are right in the middle of changing residences.

We are beyond angry at how cold and uncaring their enitre customer and corporate services are!!!!!!!!!!

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Short Pump, Virginia, United States #26404

Washington Mutual are rip offs. I always pay on my card every month and now they send me a letter stating that my interest rate would be 31.99% starting in September.

I can opt out and close my account , but unfortunately need the credit in case of an emergency.

To establish good credit - don't begin with a WAMU card. They will stick it to you

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