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I had been faithful in paying my bill on time and usually kept a balance on my card just simply for the fact of getting a higher credit score. I had been told that it could actually increase your credit score if you kept it at a certain level.

Well, one month my balance got close to the maximum mind you this was within a 30 day period. I paid it all off within a month, and Washington Mutual had the audacity to lower my credit limit the next month. They lowered it from $1000 to $250! Just because I had paid off the balance and they wouldn't make any money off the interest(that's just my opinion, of course)!

I had always paid on time, and I think they were finally tired of not making any money off of me. Then, I called the next day to cancel the card, they tried to stick me with the annual fee for the next year...I fought with them and told them I wasn't going to be their customer for another year so why was I suppose to pay it? I just paid it anyway, and said I wanted it closed. After I closed the account, they put on my credit report that I was 30 days late that month.

Kind of ironic that I could be 30 days late in a month that I didn't even have an account open with them for more than half of it! SCAM!!!!! I hate this company! I have been fighting with them ever since to get it off my credit report and to prove that I was late!


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