My son recently made a mistake in his check register, causing him to be overdrawn. Unaware, he continued to use his MC-debit card for the following five days, until he received notification of the first overdraft charge.

He stopped using his account that day, but the overdraft charges kept coming in, until they added up to 15 ($450.00 in charges).

I went with him to the bank to try to get the charges dropped, and to express my displeasure with their system.

Not only would the manager not speak with me directly, but they only waived four of the fifteen charges.

I am very unhappy with WaMu and am looking for another financial institution.

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its all business.. *** banks doesnt care about people..

they just want your money..

spend $9 overdraft they make $23 that's over %150 profit.. i fucken hate them


Any bank or institution that depends on people for their livelyhood should always have the people best interest in mind, after all it's the people that consume their product that keeps them afloat, unfortunately the banks that fail due to fail policy can always go to the welfare line and ask for another bail out. I remember that I used to converse with the helpful tellers in the past but it seems that nowdays I feel like growling at them, due to their morally corrupt business practices and guess what they could care less because they feel that we need them more than they need us!! It is this type of business practices that make CEO's the big bucks!!


Point is stuff happens and people make mistakes. Yes it is still your responsibilty and your money or lack there of but no one is perfect.

So WA MU wants to kick you when your down. They know you are going through a hard time you have no money.

So what do they do take more of the money that you don't have. This way its harder for you to come back from an already ruff spot to be.

Clevedon, England, United Kingdom #27341

It is your responsiblility to balance ur checkbook thats why u can call the 800 24/7 to hear ur balance information anytime for FREE it is not a bank error therefore why should wamu reverse even any od fees. You already get 1 free waived per year and you even get a courtesy overdraft limit.

He was actually lucky that the branch he went to waived 4 overdrafts!!either know how to balance ur account or else dont even carry a debit card. Other banks continue to charge u each day and wamu does give u a one time fee per item.

And they give u up to 30 days to pay your overdraft. wamu is the best

Lafayette, Oregon, United States #18688

Why would you call this person an ***? People are human, and you can't just use and abuse their business.

Yes, we need to balance our checkbooks but when our account is low and we are barely able to pay off the negative amount, what is the point of charging excessive negative fees on top of that? I understand maybe charging a small fee or a larger one if you don't pay back your negative balance.

But digging people deeper down into a hole is not right. It's ridiculous, we all have had that one bad financial situation in our lives and this is an example of how *** America is and what a messed up society we are living in.

Shady Spring, West Virginia, United States #11424

Some of you people are just not using your head. Such as: "if you don't got money, don't fuken spend, its that simple.

let your son learn from his mistake." If WAMU was set up correctly, the card should be declined upon there being no money in the account. Instead, they tap fee charges onto the account to make money. The advancements in technology should allow for improvements in life and not a degradation. I had 5 overdraft charges that occurred all in one day cumulating to about $170.

WAMU refunded only one of these charges and left me stuck with the rest of the FEE charges. I think it's a big bank scam. If i have no money in one of my accounts, the card should just be declined! Instead, I have no money in the account and so WAMU makes it worse by adding in FEE charges to compound the problem.

How does that make any sense? How is that being helpful to customers?

Elgin, South Carolina, United States #8654

if you don't got money, don't fuken spend, its that simple. let your son learn from his mistake.

Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania, United States #8246

same thing happened to me with wells fargo, but it was much more complicatedd than "oh it was a mistake" it was an unauthorised withdrawl on my account that made it go overdraft and i didnt know this till a few weeks after.. my over draft fee came out to $500..

and the bank would not reverse it because it was not their fault, but it wasnt mine either. yet they couldnt do anything about it

Michigan Center, Michigan, United States #6177

Look *** when you open an account at some banks they will give you overdraft limits which you would have seen if you actually look on your statement as well as in the account disclosures. However you know yourself that you didn't have the money if you would learn how to do simple math. Have a great day ***

Tivoli, New York, United States #5723

Most banks would not waive any overdraft fees because it was his mistake - not their's.

Great Neck, New York, United States #5409

Same, no wonder wamu is going under

Michigan Center, Michigan, United States #5063

ITS YOUR SONS FAULT. If he is adult enough to open the account he should be adult enough to CHECK HIS BALANCE. The fact that they even waived ANYTHING was nice of them in the first place.

Alberton, Montana, United States #4688


Im dealing with the same *** right now, they are bastards.

wont nickel and dime you my ***.

Westport, Massachusetts, United States #3244

kill them all

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